Migration of Existing Accounts under iWeb to COL Global Access

In light of the Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect program and the Orion infrastructure program that the Hong Kong Exchange is implementing to enhance the performance of the market infrastructure, COLHK will be discontinuing the iWeb platform by March 31, 2015 and offer a new platform that is built with these enhancements.

In line with our commitment to introducing new and innovative technologies to the investor, the new platform will not only improve on your online trading experience with the Hong Kong market but it will also give you the ability to trade equities in other markets as well, such as the United States, Japan, Germany, China A-shares to name a few, adding more choice and flexibility so that you can take advantage of opportunities in the markets wherever it may be.

We call this platform COL Global Access.

Please find below screenshots of the COL Global Access WebTrader:

and a link to the user guide here.


Please find below screenshots of the powerful and advanced COL Global Access TraderWorkStation:


and a link to the user guide here.


To upgrade your account to COL Global Access, you need to complete several new forms found in the downloadable Migration Package and update your copies of identification:

  1. IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENT:  For each account holder.  Copy of Passport evidencing Citizenship
  2. PROOF OF ADDRESS: For each account holder.  Driver's License (applicable if Home Address is part of the information printed on it), utility bills within the past 3 months (must match your name on IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENT exactly)
  3. SIGNED CLIENT AGREEMENT:  One copy signed by each account holder.  This agreement supercedes the previous client agreement to cover the new and expanded services.  Found in the  Migration Package 
  4. SIGNED AND COMPLETED W8BEN Form: Completed and signed by each account holder.  Found in the  Migration Package, together with a sample and instructions.
  5. MARKET / MARGIN ACTIVATOR FORM:  Found in the  Migration Package, To choose the markets that you wish to access as well as to allow for margin on your account.  Currently, our focus is to migrate accounts on status quo and give sufficient time for you to familiarize yourselves with the platforms-- the markets will be enabled at a later date.  We want to ensure that we are able to first explain to you sufficiently the risks involved and how to utilize the margin and to control the transition for the best experience possible.

Once we have received and processed your migration documents, it will take around 3-5 business days to migrate your account.  After the account is migrated, there will also be 3-5 business days (increased from 1-2 due to load, but we are making best efforts to expedite) required to transfer your existing shares to the new system*.  If you do not choose to avail of COL Global Access, then your account will be shifted to our full-service brokerage where you need to place your orders by phone call.  The commission rate will carry over your previous rate.  Statement services will still be sent by email. 

* For any stock transfer, the account name on COLHK and COL Global Access must be the same.

The account will be initially set to a Cash-only Account and the enabled market will be Hong Kong Equities, with Margin and other markets made available after submitting the market activator form (also included in the zip package).

Together with the new and improved system, we also introduce a reduced rate on trading Hong Kong at 0.12%.  You can see the commission table for all the other available markets here.

And as a token of appreciation for your continued support, the streaming market data fees (HKD 225 a month) for the Hong Kong Market will be free for 12 months from the date of your account transfer. The fee will be credited to your account at the end of the month.

We look forward to your response and we are excited in continuing to be your partner in this new chapter.

Hong Kong -- helpdesk@colsecurities.com.hk       (852) 28683252

Manila -- (632) 6515888  (for technical assistance only)

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COL Global Access is a registered trademark for the service offered by COL Securities (HK) Limited a limited liability company incorporated in Hong Kong and licensed in the regulated activity of Securities Dealing AHF149.