COL Global Access TWS Installation Instructions

This instruction walks you through the standard installation procedure for installing TWS, and shows you the pop-up windows that you will encounter and need to take action on in each step throughout the process.

The download should begin automatically.  If not, kindly click the "Download" button on the left:

In the bottom left corner of your browser find and click the COL-TWS64.exe downlaod button. 

New image

Microsoft will protect your PC from the risk, click " More info"

New image

 Please click "Run Anyway"

There will be a pop up question 

Please click " yes"

New image

Click the "Next" button on the Setup Wizard to install TWS.

New image

Create desktop icon and Create start menu folder are automatically checked. 

Just simply click "Next".

New image

Installation will finish for a second. 

New image

Completing the COL Global Access TraderWorkStation Setup Wizard

Click " Finish" and Login using your User Name and Password. 

New image

Find the COL GlobalAccessTWS icon on your desktop and double-click to launch the Login box in the next time.

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